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Add One More Layer of Security with Door & Window Alarm

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    Door Sensor Alarm
    £9.95 Each
    Total: £39.80
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    Door Sensor Alarm
    £10.90 Each
    Total: £32.70
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    Door Sensor Alarm
    £12.95 Each
    Total: £25.90
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    Door Sensor Alarm
    £14.90 Each
    Total: £14.90
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Ensure Unbreachable Home Security

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Stay in Control

Receive instant notifications the moment a window or door opens, so you always know who’s coming or going from your home.

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Rest Peacefully

Enjoy your vacation and time away worry-free knowing no one enters your home without your knowledge.

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Save Energy

Prevent energy waste and reduce heating or cooling costs by getting a notification if a window is accidentally left open.

Protect Every Corner

Front Door space

Front Door

Back Door space

Back Door

Windows space


Garage space


Office space


Kids Room space

Kids Room

Enjoy a Smarter and Safer Lifestyle

  • Enhance Home Security: Our sensor alarm adds an extra layer of protection to your home, ensuring you enjoy peace of mind around the clock.

  • Effortless Installation: Just stick it to your door or window frame and start enjoying security benefits in no time. No drilling or electrical work is needed.

  • 24/7 Monitoring: Stay connected to your home from anywhere, as our sensor alarm system keeps you informed about any unauthorised entry, providing real-time alerts to your smartphone.

  • Customisable Alerts: Tailor the sensor alarm to fit your needs with adjustable sensitivity settings and multiple notification options, giving you complete control over your home’s security.

  • Seamless Integration: Combine sensor alarm with other smart home devices and create a comprehensive and interconnected security ecosystem for a truly smarter and safer lifestyle.

4.7  Average Rating
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Madison K. Verified

United Kingdom


Packs a Punch!

I love exploring new tech, and this sensor didn’t disappoint. It serves a dual purpose for security and convenience. The setup was a breeze, and the open/close alerts with push notifications are handy. It’s a small, discreet device that packs a punch.

David P. Verified

United Kingdom


Game Changer!

This sensor has been a game-changer for my home security. I attached it to my letterbox flap to receive alerts when it’s opened, even when I’m abroad. Easy installation and integration with my smart phone.

William A. Verified

United Kingdom


Simple and Effective

I needed a reliable door sensor for added security, and this sensor fits the bill perfectly. It’s discreet, easy to set up, and the connectivity with my phone is seamless. I appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of this device.

Victoria C. Verified

United Kingdom


Great Device!

My kids always leave windows open which is both a security risk and explodes our heating costs! This device has been a life saver as now I can see if windows are open even when I’m away and text the kids to close them.

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